5 Ways to Stay Safe As You Enter the New Decade


This New Year’s Eve, the world is not only celebrating the start of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade. While the New Year’s parties are always a rage, they can also be a hazardous zone. The most vulnerable segment of the population of these parties are young women between the ages of 18 and 24.

However, there is a lot people can do to protect themselves and a role for everyone to play in ensuring the safety of their family, friends, as well as those they may not know. Here are a few guidelines to stay safe amid the festive atmosphere:

  1. Choose the location wisely

Every party is different. Choose wisely when looking for a venue, always seek parties hosted by companies with experience and at venues with good reputations. Don’t be turned off by a ticket, it can mean organizers know whose coming and can prevent overcrowding. It’s less of a threat because everyone’s paying a good amount of money to be in there.

  1. Scout your venue’s surroundings

A venue’s layout is critically important to partygoers’ safety, too. Make sure your party site has plenty of exits, multiple rooms (a mix of places to talk quietly and dance to a loud band to prevent people from feeling trapped) and multiple stairways if there’s more than one level. If your eyes tell you to leave, then you must listen.

  1. Dress appropriately

Your shoes are an important part of your outfit and while you are thinking about looking your absolute best, you must also think of a quick getaway. If you have to move quickly or run or getaway, or if you have to go through an area where there are hazards like glass and tree trunks, people do better in closed-toed shoes or even when anticipating a significant walk from the car to the event, flat, closed-toed shoes are your best bet.

  1. Stay Alert

If you see something, say something. Do not hesitate to take care of your own safety immediately, and then to also alert someone who can intervene if you witness behaviours that seem threatening or abusive. Individuals who are planning on some criminal activity like a mugging or robbery, they’re looking for people who appear vulnerable. One vulnerability they look for is an absence of situational awareness.

  1. Have a transportation plan

The biggest safety risk for people in automobile accidents and the combination of that with alcohol. Be sure you have a safe transportation plan ahead of time, keeping in mind that some roads may be closed and cabs booked.