poorna in Adhugo
poorna in Adhugo

Poorna in a Special Song ‘Adhugo’ movie

Actress Poorna is going to sizzle in a special song in the movie ‘Adhugo’ and a picture of her is unveiled. This Mallu beauty is seen  in a ravishing still and it sets on fire.

The main song of ‘Adhugo’ will be released tomorrow and Poorna will shake the leg with the piglet, Bunty. Prashanth Vihari has composed music for this film that is emerging with a unique concept.

Written and directed by Ravi Babu, ‘Adhugo’ is preparing for the launch of Dusshera. As the film has universal appeal, the manufacturers are also dubbing the film in several Indian languages.

Suresh Productions presents and launches ‘Adhugo’.