Akkineni Nag arjuna Is Unhappy As Chance Is Not Given?


On the sidelines of an interview, Akkineni Nagarjuna, who is promoting his latest movie “DevaDas” big time, has made a surprising comment.

When asked about the thoughts he had after seeing the final result, Nag said that the movie was shown to him very recently and that’s why he could not suggest any change. This indirectly is giving a message that there are parts in the film that Nagarjuna did not like. And that’s worrying in business circles now.

With the presence of Nani, the film has made a business before the publication of more than 38 crores in the states of Telugu. It has to become a solid blow to recover such a large part. Only positive reviews and publicized word of mouth will generate huge profits for the film. But if Nagarjuna expresses his displeasure in this way, since he is not given the opportunity to re-edit or re-shoot, it will affect the box office’s prospects.

At the same time, as an experienced filmmaker like Ashwini Dutt sold the entire film to the Bollywood distribution and production giant, ViaCom, 18 there are doubts that the film has been bombed. If we look at the history of Tollywood, all the films that are sold to such large companies ended up as garbage. Or, our manufacturers are selling their movies intelligently to these companies if they know that the result will be counterproductive.