Akkineni Samantha and Naga Chaitanya in island of Ibiza

samantha Akkineni and naga chaitanya akkineni
samantha Akkineni and naga chaitanya akkineni

Taking a break from all hectic work schedules, Queen Bee Samantha and her husband Naga Chaitanya relax on the island of Ibiza, Spain, where they are also joined by Akhil, Nagarjuna and Amala.

After U-Turn, what is talked about a lot about Sam is a photo published by her on the social media page. While posing in a vintage-looking bathing suit, where she looked like a beautiful goddess of beauty, some netizens started looking at her.

Some said that, being a married woman, she should not wear such outfits, while others cheated because she was not up to Akkineni. Without worrying about all these silly comments, Samantha is really bothering them more by posting more of her spicy images. And today he shared one in which he is posing with Chay and his glamorous avatar is impressive, as usual.

While she jokes in that way, the trolls bang their heads against the wall. In addition, Samantha is giving a direct message to such detractors that no one can instruct her on what to wear and when. Of course, who can interfere with your choices?