AVENGERS ENDGAME: It’s All Fun & Games Till You Start To Cry – Box Office & Spoilers Without Context


It seems like it’s the end of an era. Marvel Studios released their highly anticipated movie Avengers Endgame; the last instalment of the Avengers series. Not only was the Avengers series a hit, but the last movie has created quite a buzz all across the globe. Here are a few records this new movie has broken:

  1. Fastest to earn $1 billion worldwide (Earned $1 billion in just 5 days)
  2. Highest opening weekend gross collection (Earned $1.223 billion)
  3. Highest IMAX opening weekend gross collection (Earned $91.5 million)
  4. Highest 3D opening weekend gross collection (Earned $540 million)

Apart from the box office collection, Avengers Endgame has broken another record; the spoilers without context record. It seems that the Avengers fans have complete unity thus, instead of spoiling the movie; they decided to post spoilers without context. This way, people who haven’t watched the movie can relax and watch it in their own time and the people, who have watched it, can have an outlet to release their excitement.

While the movie is action-packed and consists of witty comebacks, there are also parts that can make you cry. This particular movie, Endgame, has left people bawling, and if you are wondering why, you better watch the movie because I am not spoiling it for you!

Here are a few spoilers without context for you to enjoy!