Baahubali actress has now signed a Tamil biggie

Until recently, the beauty of Tamanna milk had fallen off the radar of southern filmmakers as the new generation of actresses began to make waves in Telugu and Tamil. His recent appearance, ‘Naa Nuvve’, left no trace and many had canceled his career.

Host Nani has announced that Deepthi Nallamothu, Amit Tiwari and Kaushal are saved. This means that Shyamala is out of the Bigg Boss 2 show.

While she was leaving the house, Shyamala threw the big bomb on the contestant Roll Rida. According to Shyamala’s bomb, Roll Ridha has to work as a servant of Bigg Boss’s house for a whole week.

As the show nears the end, curiosity grows over who will win the Bigg Boss 2 title winner. While Kaushal, who has great online support, is the favorite, singer Geetha Madhuri is also the potential runner in the career. Let’s wait and see who will win the winning crown of Bigg Boss 2.