Chandrayaan 2 Launches Akshay Kumar Memes



Chandraayan 2 was the most awaited launch of this year for India. After its launch on July 22, 2019, the internet burst with memes and the most prominent ones being Akshay Kumar memes. We are all aware of how the most patriotic person in the country is Akshay Kumar, hence, once the spacecraft was launched, the internet launched Akshay Kumar memes. Here are a few memorable ones:

This meme shows just how proud every Indian is at the moment.

Another meme depicting the proud Indians’ emotions.

This meme is taken from Mission Mangal’s trailer depicting that Akshay will definitely make a movie about Chandrayaan 2’s launch.

This meme takes a dig at Pakistan’s scientists.

This meme takes a dig at NASA’s moon mission as India launched their spacecraft at a lesser cost than NASA’s spacecraft.

Here’s another dig at NASA.

Here’s one meme about both John Abraham and Akshay Kumar fighting for another patriotic movie!

And to end it with a bang here is one of Gaitonde from Sacred Games!