Director Vikram asked 45 Cr to Direct Bunny New Upcoming Movie!


Director Vikram Kumar asked 45 Cr to Direct Bunny New Upcoming Movie!

There have been many speculations about the upcoming movie of Allu Arjun and the rumor factories tried many names of directors so far. It seems that Allu Arjun came to an agreement with the talented director of Manam and this is going to be really big and expensive!

It is heard that Allu Arjun wanted to see himself in a massive and sensible role as Ram Charan did in Rangasthalam. There were also reports that Dil Raju brought an interesting line to Bunny, who also received the title ‘Sabhaku Namaskaaram’. Leaving aside all these speculations, it is heard that Allu Arjun has set his mind on the creativity of Vikram Kumar. It is said that Vikram has quoted a huge Rs 45 Cr for this project for which producer Allu Aravind said yes.

The last DJ of Allu Arjun attracted great criticism and Hello from Vikram was also a failure. If we remember Bunny’s speech in Geetha Govindam’s music release, it can be understood that he was also confused in his next film. Now that it’s confirmed and waiting for the official announcement, let’s wait and see what Vikram has written unique this time.