15 Best Fashion Campers of Met Gala 2019 – Pictures, Designers & Stylists



The biggest event on the fashion fundraising calendar is The Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since 1995, the Met Gala has been chaired by US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who enlists public figures to serve as her co-chairs. While the past events have been hosted by Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Amal Clooney and Rihanna, this year’s 71st anniversary of Met Gala was co-chaired by Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles and Serena Williams.

The 2019 Met Gala’s theme was: Camp: Notes on Fashion. While many of you might think ‘camp’ has something to do with spending a night in tents, in the fashion world it means ‘being extra, over-doing and exaggerating’ your fashion.

Here are the top 15 looks from the Met Gala who broke every fashion barrier this year!


    Billy Porter put on a whole Egyptian performance wearing a resplendent custom catsuit and 24-karat gold headpiece by the Blonds. He came on very strong with golden wings and a bodysuit made of sequins and which was hand detailed with Preciosa crystals, chain fringe and gold bugle beads. The mastermind behind this look was his stylist, Sam Ratelle, and the theatrical design duo The Blondes.

    Ezra Miller got everyone’s eyes bulging with his fantabulous make-up with multiple eyes painted on his face and a bold red lip! It wasn’t just his make-up that got everyone rolling but also a custom-made look by Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci that consisted of a black pinstriped wool suit with exaggerated cape detail. He also put on a crystal-studded cage corset. His entire outfit was made perfect by his shoes as he chose black and white wingtips with embellishment on the toes. Ezra Miller also carried a mask to make his outfit even more dramatic!

    Jordan Roth stole the show in an Iris van Herpen look. He looked sumptuous in a printed floor-length cape with a radius as tall as his height and his look was definitely a veritable coup de theatre.

    Janelle had the whole crowd cheering with a Christian Siriano wardrobe. Her outfit begins by defying the law of gravity and wearing three hats one on top of the other. Her accessories were built up into a tower, with one hat seemingly looking like it was about to fall to the ground. Janelle’s dress was patterned to look split in two, with one side featuring black and white, and the other side featuring an eye and a colourful pink bottom.

    Katy Perry’s outfit was definitely lit! She arrived looking like an actual chandelier with three layers of light-up candles surrounding her sparkly silver Moschino dress.
    Jared Leto went all Game of Thrones with his Gucci by Alessandro Michele flame-coloured tunic. His tunic was a hammered matte satin with padded shoulders, front ruffle and crystal-strewn body jewellery. His accessories included white tulle gloves with crystal embroidery and a pair of glittering bracelets. But what blew everyone’s minds is the replica of his head he was holding made by special effects wizards Makinarium.

    Michael Urie broke all the gender norms in a custom Christian Siriano creation of a half-male and half-female mashup that melded a metallic pinstripe suit and cascading pink tulle gown. He went on to break the norms by wearing heels on the suit side with make-up and earrings while going with formal shoes and make-up free face on the female side.

    When Lady Gaga told Hamish Bowles that he stole this year’s Met Gala, she wasn’t lying! Hamish Bowles wore a colourful Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano ensemble which was a textural delight. John Galliano created a beautiful artful mismatch of lurex thread, mohair and ostrich feathers, to name just a few of the bold details. The lavender colour palette brought some balance to the lovably zany poodle cape. He also dyed his hair multicolour to get into the role!

    Zendaya just lived every girl’s dream by dressing up as Cinderella. But that Cinderella outfit wasn’t enough as her Tommy Hilfiger dress changed colour using technology hidden beneath the skirt. She wore a full-length grey dress with puffed just like our Disney Princess. She put on an entire performance on the red carpet with her stylist Law Roach where he dressed up as a Fairy Godmother. He went on to wave a smoke-emitting wand and the dress slowly transformed from bottom to top, from a grey colour to a glowing pale blue shade. In the true spirit of Cinderella, Zendaya even left her glass slipper on the red carpet.

    Nobody does the Met like Lady Gaga! She put on an entire performance and had four outfit changes on the red carpet. She walked in with a massive hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown, complete with a cascading train and a giant matching bow on her head. She then went on to change into an all-black ensemble—complete with a matching umbrella. She then stripped down to her bra, fishnets, and underwear while pulling a hot pink wagon full of rosé and pink cowboy hats.

    Celine Dion wore a custom-made plunging, fringed silver mini-dress by Oscar de la Renta. She completed the outfit with T-strap pumps by Chloe Gosselin.
    As big as a legend he is, Ryan Murphy did it again with a fully beaded getup that matched the Met’s blush-pink carpet. His beautiful ensemble was reminiscent of “Lee” at his 1970s best done by Christian Siriano which was crafted down to the beaded butterfly bow-tie and oversize glittering cape collar. 
  13. HARRY STYLESCome to think of it, Harry has Styles in his name itself. This time, he has outdone himself by wearing a custom Gucci black organza shirt with a courtly black lace and organza jabot paired. He paired his outfit with high-waisted black wool-mohair trousers, black patent-leather boots, and a single bee earring with cream drop pearl. He accessorized the outfit with a ring in almost every finger that dazzled with gold, rubies, blue topaz, pearls, amethyst and diamonds.
  14. PRIYANKA CHOPRAPriyanka Chopra went ahead and experimented with not only her outfit but also her hair. With stunning curly hair, silver-frosted brows and lashes and raspberry eyeshadow and lips, her look was definitely camp. She wore a feathery silver-and-pastel gown and flowing cape topped off with a silver cage crown.
  15. CARA DELEVINGNEThe last but not the least, Cara Delevingne does it once again! She went for a sheer rainbow-striped playsuit from Dior’s haute couture spring/summer 2019 collection. She accessorized her ensemble with matching platform heels, a Swarovski crystal cane and a zany headpiece containing bananas, eyeballs and wind-up teeth. She definitely made a statement for the LGBTQ+ Community and did a very good job at that!