Feature real political incidents in NOTA?

Vijay Deverakonda
Vijay Deverakonda

Following the humongous success of Vijay Deverakonda’s previous film, Geetha Govindam, all eyes are on the actor’s upcoming political drama, NOTA.

The film is being prepared for release on October 5, and the rumor prior to the publication has been quite high.

In a final interview, the film’s producer, Gnanavel Raja, revealed that NOTA will feature prominently with real political incidents that took place in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and even in Tamil Nadu, including the controversial hospitalization of former CM Jayalalithaa.

However, Gnanavel Raja also clarified that not a single scene in NOTA will show any political party with a negative light, so it leaves no room for controversy. Directed by Anand Shankar, NOTA has Mehreen Pirzada, Nasser and Sathyaraj in a leading role.