Here come the Baggy Greens to knock-out the Afghanis – ICC World Cup 2019 – Afghanistan VS Australia


It’s been two days since the 2019 ICC World Cup began and we are ready to see the refreshed and confident Australian side up and against Afghanistan at Bristol later in the evening.

While it has been an emotional roller coaster for Australia and the fans that root for Australia, it seems that a lot has changed for them now. Falling from the position of dominance in the world of cricket, they did take a dip at the ball-tampering scandal. But all that is in the past with Australia back in the game and ready to emerge victorious with their favourites Smith and Warner back in the World Cup squad.

Afghanistan, on the other hand, also has a very inspiring story in the cricket world. If you take note of their performance in the Asia Cup tournament and the build-up matches to the World Cup, it seems that they are all game.

Afghanistan and Australia have faced each other only twice in world cricket and Australia won both the matches. If you look at the last five matches played by Afghanistan,  it seems that they have won 3 and lost 2 while Australia has won all 5. While the audience thinks that there is a 90% chance of Australia winning this match, we will have to let the match unfold because as the saying goes, ‘You never know until the last ball’.