Introducing Bunty by Ravi Babu


Introducing Bunty by Ravi Babu

‘Adhugo’ is one of its kind movies in Telugu cinema or probably, in the Indian cinema, since it stars in a piglet in the main leading role. This experimental film is written, directed and produced by actor Ravi Babu.

The first image of ‘Adhugo’ is revealed and he introduces us to the piglet named Bunty and poses with a smile that makes him adorable.

As the content of the film has universal appeal, ‘Adhugo’ is being dubbed into multiple Indian languages. The name of the piglet, that is, “Bunty” is the title for the rest of the languages.

Noticed produced Suresh Babu is backing the film in association with its Suresh Productions banner.

Abhishek Varma and Nabha are part of the main cast, while Prashanth Vihari composes the music.