Jhansi (Jyothika) Telugu Movie Review

Jhansi (Jyothika) Telugu Movie Review


Release date : August 17, 2018

iENTERTAIN Rating : 3.3/5

Starring : Jyothika, G. V. Prakash Kumar

Director : Bala Pazhanisaamy

Producers : Rockline Venkatesh

Music Director : Ilaiyaraaja

Editor : Sathish Suriya

The director of Bala’s Nacchiyar, has been in the news since the moment of its release of Jyothika movie was seen as a police officer for the first time in her career. The film has now been dubbed in Telugu as Jhansi and the movie hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie is.
Jhansi (Jyothika), who is an assistant police commissioner, is ready to leave for his much needed vacation. She comes to the office to send her farewell letter to her senior officials. At the same time, a minor worker on the road named Gaali Raju (GV Prakash) is taken to the station to rape and impregnate a minor.
When Jyothika begins to investigate the case, both say that they will become parents with mutual consent. Why is Gaali Raju framed in the case of rape? Who is behind all this? and how does Jhansi investigate the process? That forms the rest of the story.
Plus Points:
The premise of the film is interesting since the suspense drama is woven around the love story of two children. G V Prakash leads from the front and is good as road worker Gaali Raju. Whether its makeup or its rustic performance, GV Prakash has done an impressive job.
Coming to Jyothika, she has a custom role in the film. She as a research police officer does the best of her abilities. Debutante Ivana is a perfect fit as the younger mother. His performance is profound and Ivana’s expressions are quite good in the first half, where a unique love story is shown.
The way suspense develops slowly in the first half is good and continued with second half. Some scenes are realistic in true Bala style and show the effect of mass in a forceful way.
Minus Points:
The character of Jyotika is quite rude in the movie, but the Telugu dubbing makes it even more exaggerated and this can irritate you in places. The investigation scenes are very normal and could have been a bit exciting for the audience to connect more in the back.
Technical Aspects:
The background music of Ilayaraja is not up to the mark, as the scenes in crucial areas do not rise well. The production values of the film are first class, since the operator of the camera shows the configuration of the mass quite realistically. The dialogues are decent, but the dubbing is a bit noisy for Jyothika. The editing is perfect since the film has a very short duration.Coming to the director Bala, he has done an hearted job with the film. His idea of history is good and sets the suspense decently until the first half and manages to extract good performances from the leading pair.But he loses track in the second half since his narrative has many flaws. The story is confusing and there is no adequate justification for the real turn in the plot.
In general, Jhansi is a suspense drama that only works in parts. The performance of the main actors, the realistic emotions in the love story work well in the first half. But it is the second half that has an insipid and confusing narrative that knocks down the film at the end. This movie has a dark theme and it is not the regular dance and action movie. So, all those who like serious dramas and agree with the heavy Tamil flavor can try this movie. But the rest can choose something else this weekend.