Mahesh Demands 25 Cr?

mahesh babu
mahesh babu

That’s how our producers count the market figures, rather than relying on the type of content they are coming up with. Here comes a tale of demand from leading producer Dil Raju who wants to make most out of his upcoming film “Maharshi”, featuring Mahesh Babu in the lead.

In recent times, the moment you head to any Hindi entertainment channel, you’ll end up watching Telugu’s dubbed movies. As the market for doubled versions of Telugu is very high now, our manufacturers also demand large sums. Maybe, that’s why an upcoming Ram Charan movie that has Boyapati Seenu directing it, has obtained 22 crores of sales of Hindi satellites.

With this in mind, it is now said that Dil Raju demands 25 million rupees of Hindi circuits to pay the rights of Maharshi. However, as the film Charan-Boyapati is a massive mass film, the Hindi channel paid such a high price. Because for any movie that is sold, 3-4 fights are mandatory.

And speaking everywhere that Mahesh will be seen as a software engineer in the United States. UU With a retrospective of university background, it seems that the film will have few elements of action. For that reason, it is possible that Maharshi does not get a high price, which Dil Raju refuses to believe. We have to see if the Mahesh of Maharshi, with his class, will really bring home 25 crores.