MOST AWAITED FILMS AT CANNES – Posters, Synopsis, Release Date


The 2019 Cannes Film Festival has been nothing if not a grand success! While many people are aware that Cannes is one of the major events where actors and models, whether acting for a movie or being a brand ambassador, walk THE RED CARPET. The Red Carpet is a huge event on its own almost as if it’s Met Gala’s sister.

What many of you don’t know is that Cannes is a Film Festival where only prestigious art films from all around the world are screened and awarded. Thus, I bring to you a list of 10 Cannes nominated movies that is a must watch for all of you!


Parasite is a tragicomedy which explores the power dynamics between two families who live in very different social circumstances. This plot is reminiscent of a psychological thriller called ‘Burning’ by the South Korean director Lee Chang-dong.  Parasite’s director Bong Joon-ho says that the movie ‘mirrors the universal gap between the rich and the poor’. While ‘Burning’ was a hit at last year’s Cannes, Parasite doesn’t seem far off this year.

The movie will release on 20th May in South Korea and 5th June in France.



Rocketman is a fantasy-style version of the musician Elton John’s early years. The movie stars Taron Egerton in the lead, Jamie Bell as long-term collaborator Bernie Taupin and Richard Madden as John’s manager, John Reid. The movie directed by Dexter Fletcher will have its world premiere in Cannes.

The movie will release in late May/early June.


PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE                  

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the spectacular work of the French writer-director Céline Sciamma. The movie marks a departure of sorts for Sciamma as it is set in the 18th-Century Brittany and stars Water Lilies’ Adèle Haenel as ‘reluctant bride-to-be’ Héloïse and Noémie Merlant is the artist who was commissioned to paint her portrait in secret.

The movie will release on 18th September in France.



The Dead Don’t Die will get the Cannes Film Festival in on the undead action by the US indie director Jim Jarmusch. This star-studded movie sees Bill Murray, Chloë Sevigny and Adam Driver play a deadpanning, befuddled trio of small-town cops faced with an invasion of brain-eaters, while Tilda Swinton appears as a no-nonsense, samurai-wielding mortician with a Scottish accent. That’s not all, the movie also features other actors like; Iggy Pop, Tom Waits and Selena Gomez.

The movie will release on 13th June in Italy, 14th June in the US and 11th July in Brazil and Russia.



Atlantique focuses on Ada (Mame Bineta Sane), a young woman from Dakar whose lover disappears, thought to have tried to cross the Atlantic from Senegal to Europe. The Senegalese-French film-maker Mati Diop says, ‘After devoting a short film to the men who leave by sea, my current interest is in the women who stay behind, the ones who wait for a brother, a lover, a son to come back’.

The movie will release on 16th May in France.



Port Authority is the New York director Danielle Lessovitz’s first-time entry in the Cannes competition. His movie is set amongst the LGBT subcultures of New York City’s ballroom scene. The story revolves around Paul played by Fionn Whitehead and Wye played by Leyna Bloom who fall in love with each other. Paul later discovers that Wye is transgender and he is forced to confront his feelings and the social pressures that threaten their relationship.

The movie will release in May in France.



Little Joe is a creepy genetically modified-plant sci-fi from the Austrian director Jessica Hausner. The story revolves around a bright-red flower called ‘Little Joe’ which is cultivated to bring happiness to its owners. The stars in this movie are Emily Beecham, Ben Whishaw, Lindsay Duncan and Kerry Fox.


The movie will release on 17th May in France.



Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt’s first appearance together on screen.  The movie will have its world premiere on the Croisette exactly 25 years after Tarantino’s Cannes competition debut in 1994. The movie is based on Quentin Tarantino’s Manson-era Hollywood with Rick Dalton as his stunt double.

The movie will release on 26th July in Canada, the US and India.



The Young Ahmed is brought to Cannes by Veteran Belgian directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. This movie shows a Belgian teenager who plots to kill his teacher after embracing an extremist version of the Koran. The movie is the director duo’s most controversial subject yet.

The movie will release on 22nd May in France and Belgium and on 10th October in the Netherlands.


The Lighthouse is directed by Robert Eggers and is a fantasy horror story set in the world of old sea-faring myths. The movie stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe who are a Cannes favourite and surprisingly look suitably craggy and grim-faced in one of the stills from the black-and-white movie.