NTR Gives His Best Speech Till Date with his Tears Rolling Down

NTR prerelease movie function
NTR prerelease movie function

With tears rolling down his cheeks along, with unspoken and broken words from time to time, NTR gave one of his best speeches at the event before the release of Aravindha Sametha tonight. The event has been quite emotional not only for the fans but also for NTR, who lost his father Nandamuri Harikrishna about a month ago.

Speaking at the event, an emotionally overwhelmed NTR said that working with Trivikram has been his 12-year dream that came true after several failures over the years. The Young Tiger also said that he has found a good friend and a guru in Trivikram who will always support him in all his difficult moments.

Speaking of Aravindha Sametha, NTR said he learned to be a human being while working on the film. “The moral of the story of Aravindha Sametha is that the one who stops the war is the real man,” Tarak said, adding: “Maybe he was destined to act in the film.”

NTR, literally, could not control her tears when she talked about her father. He said that his father was a great son, a great father, a great husband and a great-grandfather. Tarak said: “He had always told me to take care of our fans, I tell everyone now, that our lives are dedicated to you forever.”

In a deeply moving revelation, NTR said that, for the first time in his 28-film career, he acted in a scene in which he performed the last rites of his father, remembering his late father and sobbing uncontrollably. Finally, NTR asked all their fans not to hurry up and get to their homes safely. “Always remember, it is their families that should be first and then us,” he concluded.