RTI uncovered KCR government favors to KCR media

RTI uncovered KCR government favors to KCR media
RTI uncovered KCR government favors to KCR media

RTI uncovered KCR government favors to KCR media

Gone are the days when media owners denied government advertisements as getting such promotions will influence the particular media to lose the privilege of addressing governments. In any case, these days all media channels rely upon government promotions as a wellspring of pay. Significantly more risky circumstance is when supremos of government themselves having their own media. As of late, a private media got some intriguing information with respect to KCR government’s favors to KCR’s media through RTI.

At present there are 3 media outlets are with KCR’s family

Namasthe Telangana, Telugu paper

Telangana Today, English paper


KCR, propelled Namasthe Telangana in June 2011 amid Telangana development. KTR was on the board (Telangana Publications Private Limited)initially however he quit in the wake of turning into a clergyman. His better half, Shailini Kalvakuntla is currently on the board. Telangana Today, English day by day, propelled in 2016, likewise keep running by Telangana Publications Private Limited. TNews was begun by KCR in 2010 and he too was board part however he surrendered from the board in the wake of turning into the main priest. The reaction of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Government of Telangana to a RTI application looking for subtle elements of advertisement use uncovered some fascinating certainties:

Telugu dailies :

Namasthe Telangana promotion income expanded from 2.63 crores to 12.8 crores i.e. 387.4% expansion from 2017 to 2018. In the meantime, different papers had minimal upgrades or Cuts.

Eenadu got 2.7 crores in 2017 and in addition 2018 (only 0.1% change). Nava Telangana, a paper keep running by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has seen a cut of 67.5%, from 17.9 lakhs to 5.8 lakhs. Mana Telangana, confronted a decrease of 88.2%, from 47.8 lakhs to 5.7 lakhs. Vaartha confronted – 47.4% cuts. Andhra Prabha – 6.2% cuts. Shockingly Andhra Jyothy got 296.8% change in promotion income from T-govt (from 45.6 lakhs in 2016 to 1.8 crore in 2018).

English dailies:

Comparable pattern saw with English papers. Telangana Today, the English daily paper, has seen an expansion of 1749.2%.

Telangana Today (1,749.2%) promotion income enhanced from 4.7 lakhs in 2017 to 87.3 lakhs in 2018. The various papers have confronted slices going from 2% to 94%. Every one of the papers in Hindi, Urdu and English have confronted cuts. Deccan Chronicle (- 30.4%), The Hindu (- 34.5%), Times of India (- 34.5%), Indian Express (- 29.0%), Economic Times (- 92%) – all these English papers lost incomes while KCR possessed Telangana today observed walloping change of 1,749%.

Television stations:

A comparable situation appears to win in the TV segment. While KCR claimed T-news got 2044 spots from T-government, TV9 got 958, NTV 870, Sakshi 879, ETV Telangana 978. Just channel to get in excess of 1000 spots was V6, advanced by a TRS lawmaker and industrialist, which got 1260.

At long last:

In this way, be it Telugu dailies or English dailies or TV, plainly KCR’s legislature has favored their own particular media and the hole between incomes to his media and to other media additionally wide. Most likely this will undoubtedly happen when anybody having his own media winds up boss priest and runs the legislature.