RX100: Kartikeya Reddy is knocked by a couple of producers!

Kartikeya Reddy
Kartikeya Reddy

All it takes is one proper hit and a hero, heroine and director of that particular film become overnight stars and accordingly their pay cheques swell too. This is not new thing in the industry and this trend repeated once again.

With the great success of ‘RX100’, the hero Kartikeya Reddy is hit by a couple of producers to launch in their respective future projects. But his shocking Kartikeya, according to reports, has quoted a sum of Rs 1 crore per film. The demand for a remuneration of eight figures has made the producers think a second about the release of the protagonist ‘RX100’.

Hero Kartikeya has produced his first two films, namely, ‘Prematho Mee Karthik’ and ‘RX100’. The first movie disappeared without a trace at the box office, while the second recorded some incredible numbers.

Well, demand and second thoughts are the most common factors. There is nothing wrong with Kartikeya asking for a crore and for producers to fall back. What has to work here is the movie, since expectations would be reasonably good after the delivery of a blockbuster.