Swagat nahi karoge humaara?


Chulbul Pandey is back!

Yes, you heard me, Chulbul Pandey is back and this time, he’s back for more than three hours!

Salman Khan unleased a promotional video for Dabangg 3 which is already trending on YouTube! In this video, you can see Salman Khan repeat his famous dialogue, ‘Swagat nahi karoge humaara?’ He also informs his fans that this time, Salman Khan won’t be promoting Dabangg 3, but Chulbul Pandey will do so!

This means, that Salman fans will now enjoy Chulbul Pandey out of the screens and for way more than three hours! Dabbangg 3 is the sequel to Dabangg 2 and will be releasing on Dec 20, 2019! We can’t wait for the teaser to be out, how about you?