Telangana Minister KTR inspires Vijay Deverakonda’s in NOTA!

nota pic
nota pic

The big day has arrived. Vijay Deverakonda’s NOTE came to the screens around the world this morning. In the film, Vijay plays the role of a playboy turned prime minister. And in a final interview with a popular media company, Vijay revealed that his appearance at NOTA was inspired by the state of Telangana, IT Minister KTR. Vijay said that KTR thinks beyond possibilities and improves things.

He continued to remember that KTR told him the importance of being eco-friendly and using manual looms while having lunch at Vijay’s house several months ago. “I love the way he dresses and my appearance (in NOTE) is inspired by him, I chose chinos, hand clothes and good material to show off the movie,” said the young hero.