The Drink That Doesn’t End!


So it’s officially the time of the hottest season! While Summer has been everybody’s favourite season for a long long time, it doesn’t feel so this year. The Summer brings the year vacations, trips and a whole lot of free time to do whatever you want but this Summer, India is hotter than ever! And while everybody is aware of how to take care of their skin, body, health and so on and so forth, I bring to you the drink that doesn’t end!

This drink is very easy to make and has a lot of health benefits, especially during the Summer! While it doesn’t have a specific name, let me just name it ‘The Basil Drink’.

The Basil Drink

All you require is a glass, a spoon, basil seeds and a big bottle of cold water.

To begin, add two spoons of basil seeds in the glass. Now, pour your cold water, wait for 15-20 minutes and voila! The Basil Drink is ready to be devoured! But it isn’t the end as there is a way to drink this special drink.

Once you start drinking you’ll notice that you can only take three-to-four sips of the drink. Why? This is because even though basil seeds look like mustard seeds, they react differently when they touch the water. The basil seeds begin to swell at the touch of water and start to coat themselves in a translucent white film. These seeds become twice their size.

Thus, you take three to four sips of your drink and the seeds are so swollen that you won’t find any liquid left to drink. So, what do you do then? This is why you have a bottle of cold water with you. You refill the glass with water and enjoy a few more sips. While you do this, you’ll hardly notice the basil seeds reducing in number, making the drink impossible to finish.

This drink will keep you good company in the Summer as you relax and take your time drinking ‘The Basil Drink’. The speciality of this drink is that you can replace water with any other beverage you like. But if you want a fun and healthy drink, I suggest you go for water.

Beat the Heat with Basil Seeds

If you didn’t already know, basil seeds are known for keeping your body cool. It calms your body heat down and also helps you to lose weight as it has no calories. These seeds also control your blood sugar levels along with relieving constipation and bloating. Basil seeds benefits don’t end here as they take an extra step and help with heartburn and treat acidity. Also, the last and the most important benefit for every person out there, basil seeds keep your skin and hair healthy!

So, this Summer enjoy a nutritious and magical drink all the while keeping your body cool both inside and out!