The Results of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil are Out


Renowned Kabali actress, Riythvika emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 and walked away with whopping 50lac. While the fan-favourite Kaushal won the Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

After 3 months of drama and action-filled showdown, the series hosted by Kamal Haasan, saw the underdog Riythvika take away the title from 15 other contestants. The actress received this life-changing news with tear-filled eyes and expressed her desire to be a role model for young women while thanking her fans who voted for her wholeheartedly.

Kaushal Prasad Manda, renowned as the most good-looking man in the regional TV industry, won the title in the Telugu version of the popular reality show. Supported by his loving wife Neelima and the Kaushal armies, who were involved in extensive social media campaigning, it was almost an easy win for the star.
After an interactive Q&A session from the audience, Kamal Haasan confirmed that he will be hosting the next season of Bigg Boss Tamil 2.