This Sankranti, CelebKonect Soars High!


In a world where everybody is busy hustling and has no time for pleasure, we forget who we are. In a world where we are so busy reaching for our dreams, we forget where we come from. In a world where we are so busy making money, we forget those around us.

But not CelebKonect.

For the CelebKonect team, it is all about konecting. As a reminder of who we are, where we come from, and who we work with, the term of CelebKonect decided to once again, go back and touch their roots. Sankranti is very special for people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, thus, on this auspicious day, the team of CelebKonect decided to relive their childhood moments.

The CelebKonect team decided to hold competitions based on Sankranti rituals. The first competition was the Rangoli Competition. Not only did the staff participate in the competition, the non-participating staff played the role of cheerleaders! It goes without saying that the participants were excellent, but the cheerleaders were the backbones for these participants.

After the Rangoli Competition, came the Patang Competition. This was one competition where nobody let down their guard. Everybody fought for their kite to fly the highest. Flying the highest was a must, but so was staying alive. It was important that the staff didn’t lose their own kite. This was the biggest competition among the CelebKonect staff. From cutting each other’s kites to soaring high, the team of CelebKonect konected like never before!