Top Telugu Debutant Directors That Made A Difference!


Top Telugu Debutant Directors That Made A Difference!

2018 saw a new era in the Telugu Cinema. Not only were there great actors and movies this year, but also great new coming directors. Here’s a list of the top 10 debutant directors that made a difference!

1.VenkyKudumula – Chalo

Chalo is a romantic comedy written and directed by VenkyKudumula. The plot revolves around a village called ‘Tiruppuram’ that is divided between the Tamilians and Telugus who cannot cross each other’s perimeter.VenkyKendumula was a multi-tasker as he penned down the dialogues, screenplay and directed the movie. This is VenkyKudumula’s directorial debut which turned out to be a huge success!

2.VenkyAtluri – TholiPrema

TholiPrema is also a romantic comedy directed by VenkyAtluri. This movie portrays a story that weathers time and emotions. The lead cast’s love story only grows stronger even when they had been separated for 7 years. While he has written for other movies, VenkyAtluri’s directorial debut was an instant hit that was immensely loved by the audience!

3.PrasanthVarma – Awe

Awe is a psychological thriller directed by PrasanthVarma. It is the first Telugu movie that talks about homosexual relationship and sex reassignment surgery along with other psychological issues like dissociative identity disorders and social problems such as child, sexual and drug abuse. PrasanthVarma is a director who not only understands the importance of timing, but also of being relevant. The debutant director was applauded for this spectacular movie!

4.Ajay Bhupathi – RX100

RX 100 is a drama film written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi. The movie has great twists as the lovers get separated but when the time comes to unite, the protagonist realizes that he was played by his lover. Ajay Bhupathi splendidly portrayed the twisted emotions of the protagonists’ which won the audience over!

5.Rahul Ravindran – Chi La Sow

Chi La Sow is a romantic comedy directed by Rahul Ravindran. The story revolves around the protagonist falling in love with a girl; who he met on a blind date set up by his parents. This romantic breeze marked the success of Rahul Ravindran’s directorial debut!

6.VenkateshMaha – C/O Kancharlapalem

C/O Kancharlapalemis a drama film directed by VenkateshMaha. The plot is an unconventional love story set in Kancherapalem. This movie is being called the new age of Telugu Cinema and VenkateshMaha definitely plays a big role in it!

7.SashiKiran Tikka – Goodachari

Goodachari is a spy thriller film directed by SashiKiran Tikka. The protagonist of this movie is an NSA agent who is wrongly framed for the murders of his bosses. SashiKiran Tikka leaves the audience wanting more with this spectacular thriller!