Vijay Devarakonda in ‘Geetha Arts’

Vijay Devarakonda
Vijay Devarakonda

‘Geetha Arts’ is a huge banner in Telugu Film Industry that many would-be heroes love to play, even in a movie of theirs. But Vijay Devarakonda has two projects with them, including Geetha Govindam and Taxiwala, and that’s why they call him “lucky.”

In response to the comment, the newgen star says: “Luck is a litter for me and there is a lot of work behind this.” He added that the success of his film Pelli Choopulu took him here but not only to luck. “We have a script, a contribution from the director, the heroine Ritu Varma, that cameraman, producers who invested in us and everyone else behind Pelli Choopulu, and the success of that film took me to Geetha Arts to sign me,” he says.