Who caused the Amazon fires?


One of the biggest news to take over the world the past week was about the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. It has now become an international attention, something, that according to the Brazil government, shouldn’t have become.

There were thousand of fires burning across Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. These fires were mainly set by farmers and ranchers who were seeking to clear land for cultivation.

This is the process of slash-and-burn which has been going on since almost the beginning of time. The slash-and-burn tactic was expanded to the Amazon as a result of pro-development government policies.

This comes after Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who was inaugurated in January, relaxed enforcement of laws against deforestation and encouraged mining and farming across both biological reserves and indigenous territory in the Amazon.

The last time the world witnessed the clearance of trees at this rate was in 2008. A destruction people hoped to never witness again.

Speaking about the rapid deforestation in the Amazon, tropical fire ecologist Paulo Brando said that it is definitely a cause to freak out. The fire, not necessarily, but the deforestation is definitely a cause. He continued to say that these fires release huge amounts of carbon dioxide and smoke causing harm to the global environment. Added to that, the Amazon is also under the direct threat of destruction.